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  • Grow your leads and sales rapidly!

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What data is available?

  • 2 lakh+ Non-Gmail, Non-Yahoo Email IDs

  • 15 lakh+ Company + SMB Email IDs

  • 2 lakh+ CEO-CTO-IT Head-Purchase Manager Email IDs

  • 10 lakh+ decision maker Email IDs

Buy email marketing database for Rs 3,500

Our excels have details of:

  • Real estate / Builder email IDs

  • Pharma company email IDs

  • Software company email IDs

  • Large industrial company email IDs

  • Architects / Decorators’ email IDs

  • Hospitals / Doctors’ email IDs

  • University / School email IDs

  • Finance company email IDs

  • Manufacturing company email IDs

  • Renewable Energy company email IDs

  • Textile industry email IDs

  • Insurance company email IDs

  • Insurance agent email IDs

  • Restaurant email IDs

  • Hotels’ email IDs

  • Distributors’ email IDs

  • Overseas consultancy email IDs

  • Overseas education email IDs

  • Colleges’ email IDs

  • Medical suppliers’ email IDs

  • Medical equipment email IDs

  • Mumbai company email IDs

  • Bangalore company email IDs

  • Delhi-NCR company email IDs

  • Chennai company email IDs

  • Hyderabad company email IDs

  • Tier 2 Indian city company email IDs

  • Tier 3 Indian city company email IDs

  • ...and so on

You will get the data within a few hours

How do I grow sales with data?

  • This data is your prospect base

  • Use mailchimp or equivalent to send emails

  • Generate leads via emails

  • Convert the leads to sales

Tell me about your company

  • We are a 4 year old big data company

  • We have more than 4,000 customers

  • We are based in Chennai

  • ...write to us. We will call back.

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